Static Program Analysis

Advanced Course


Jan Reineke, Christian Hammer, Sebastian Hack

General Information

This course qualifies as an advanced course in the Saarland University CS program.

You have to be in the university subnet to register for the mailing list.

We will have a Q&A session for the exam in the tutorial slot on 2015-01-06 12:00 in E1.3 HS III.

The projects will be presented on 2015-01-16 14:00 in E1.3 Room 401.


We will have lectures until Christmas. The second part of the course is a project in which you implement a program analysis.


Background Reading


We will hand out (at least) 6 exercise sheets.

  1. Exercise Sheet 1
  2. Exercise Sheet 2
  3. Exercise Sheet 3 (due 2014-11-17)
  4. Exercise Sheet 4 (due 2014-11-24)
  5. Exercise Sheet 5 (due 2014-12-01)
  6. Exercise Sheet 6 (due 2014-12-08)


  1. 2015-01-12 10-12 HS II
  2. 2015-03-23 10-12 HS II

You need 50% of the points of 6 exercise sheets to be admitted to the exam.

The final Grades are now available.


We will present a list of projects after the exam on 2015-01-16. During the project phase all participants of the course will meet on a weekly basis to discuss their progress.