Rust Proseminar

This proseminar makes you acquainted with the programming language Rust. Rust is a modern functional and imperative language that focuses on systems programming (where things have to be fast) and tries to reconcile performance and safety. Rust has a lot of interesting features to achieve these goals that we will cover in this proseminar (see below). Among them are strong guarantees by the type system to support memory safety, one of the prime sources of security vulnerabilities in C/C++ programming.

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Sebastian Hack, Roland Leißa


Language English
Participants 12
Preparatory Meeting 23 Oct 2018 16:00 E1 3 Room 401
Weekly Meeting Tuesday 16:00 E1 3 Room 401
Prerequisites You need to have passed the Programming 2 course
Registration closed


We will focus on the following features of Rust (chapter numbers in parentheses):


The material we use is mainly the official Rust documentation:


Date Speakers/Moderators Topic
2018-04-18 - Kick-off meeting
2018-11-13 Walgenbach, Thiele, Schwan Standard language features, Modules & Crates
2018-11-20 Shalayel, Ariesanu, Timm Traits, Collections & Standard Library
2018-11-27 Sutaj, Finkler, Oswald Type System, Ownership, Lifetimes, Smart Pointers
2018-12-04 Schillo, Hofmann, Freiermuth Comparison to C++ rvalue references/move semantics, Concurrency, Macros
2019-02-05 all Final presentations