Bachelor/Master Seminar

In this seminar, students preparing a bachelor or master thesis in software engineering meet weekly to present and discuss their latest results. If you want to do a thesis in our group, you have to attend this seminar or one in another group.


Date Speaker
2011-05-04 Armin Hauber
2011-05-11 Thomas Schaub
2011-05-18 -
2011-05-25 Steven Schaefer
2011-06-01 Klaas Boesche
2011-06-22 Barbara Dörr

General Information

When Wednesdays at 16:00
Where Room 401, E1 3
Start 2011-04-20


You need to:

The first time you show up at the master seminar, you email address will be added to the mailing list, and you will get an notification email before each upcoming session.

After getting the Schein, students need to register their thesis at the Prüfungsamt.


Although the thesis proposal is not part of the master seminar itself, we require a proposal to contain:

A presentation of such a thesis proposal must meet the following requirements:

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask Christoph Mallon